Rowena J Draper

A Little About the Artist

Brought up into a radical, creative, nomadic lifestyle with many other siblings, Rowena’s life was her school. Her passion was creativity.​ 


  As a child, she became fascinated with the finer detail of things. Whether it was painting on live snails and setting them free again, or making miniature books for the fairies to place under trees. She found a way to delve into the inner worlds that seem to go unnoticed by so many today.

She feels her work captures that wonder she felt as a child. The innocence of our wild natures in its freest, purest form. 

 Influenced by her colourful and adventurous upbringing, Rowena went on to travel the world.

She soon discovered her artistic talents to be a good source of income in times of need. Over time, she became a traveling mural artist, bringing her unique style and humour to many a venue and private homestead. From Mexico to California, India to New Zealand, you may find her pictures on walls, vehicles, canvases, furniture, musical instruments, alley ways, tattooed onto bodies, painted on faces, and anything else she has been able to get her hands on along the way.

On her personal Journey through art, Rowena has enjoyed discovering connections to a range of magical creatures and fairytale archetypes. As she deepens her relationship with them over time, she slowly unravels how their unique tales intertwine with her own life and surroundings.  


 In more recent years, along with her partner, she has put a majority of her creativity into building their traveling festival business called 'The Flying Machine Cafe'. This consists of a large, colourful, big top marquee along with a stage and in house entertainment. She finds this to be a great way for her to display her work in an ever changing, creative environment. And also a way to now immerse her own two children in the playful side of life that seems to be so hastily swept from under our little ones feet.

so Rowena Invites you to step out of time


to a place where childlike wonder beckons you with wild eyes


Welcome that invisible four footed friend to your table


Leave your last bite for the fairies


Look for doorways in the clouds and trees.