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A Little About the Artist

Influenced by her creative and nomadic life, Rowena is a self taught artist who likes to let stories spill onto the page for the listening eyes to hear.

She believes art can have a life and voice of its own and over the years she has enjoyed discovering and developing relationships with many curious creatures and fairytale aspects of her psyche.

She is inspired by the innate wisdom and medicinal properties of creativity, therefore, with her art, she hopes to evoke a peaceful childlike wonder and connectivity to the instinctual wilderness within us all. 
Generally she works with acrylics on canvas, paper or wood, recycling objects such as ornate frames, fabric and other trinkets and treasures she finds along her way. More and more she is enjoying the creative process of letting found objects lead her creative flow ~
“I love to find old framed paintings at car boot sales and paint over them, sometimes incorporating parts of the old picture.” 

Now Rowena, after working from her Horse Box Studio in Pilton for years, has opened a Studio/Gallery/Shop space on Great Ostry Road in Shepton Mallet. 

She is also excited to be sharing her work from her newly renovated pub, The Crown Inn, Pilton. There you will find a hub of creativity and many quirks to break you out of the mundane. 
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